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About Us

Lucky's Energy Services, Inc. is a fuel and lubricants distributor based in Northern Illinois.  Lucky's serves many different industries across the Chicagoland area, Northern Indiana and Southern Wisconsin.  

Founded by Dave Luchtman and Jesse Dalisky in 2010, Lucky's is the result of decades of first-hand experience and industry know-how.  In an effort to provide the best service possible, Lucky's is constantly growing and improving.  

Truck 73 pic.jpg

In 2020, Lucky's received it's Coast Guard Certification for on-water fueling and started a new oil and lubricants division.  These new developments, together with it's existing above-ground Bulk Plant Facility (Hampshire, IL), 150+ portable fuel cubes (sizes ranging 250 - 3000gal) and boom truck with cranes, mobile bulk plant (14,000gal), transport truck, and 12+ tanker trucks allow us to provide our customers with customizable service plans and fuel monitoring to meet any situation. 

Our number one priority is exceptional service that you and your fleet can depend on.  We strive to prove this everyday by keeping your equipment running no matter the conditions.  Lucky's managed all customer fleets (and our competitors') throughout the Polar Vortex of 2018/19, travels down south yearly to aid in emergency fueling during hurricane season, is Coast Guard Certified to fuel on-water vessels, licensed to fuel in O'Hare, and provides all sized of portable fuel tanks for your yard.  

Lucky’s will not let you down because FUEL IS OUR LIFE!

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